Our Story

Emmy Davis

The Starving Artist Creperie and Cafe received it's name from owners and Lee locals, Emmy and Ryan Davis. With large open windows peering into the adjacent Good Purpose Gallery, colorful artwork overflows into the Creperie and hallways, speckling the walls.

Crepes, much like art, are a blank canvas for creation.

Emmy and Ryan Davis also own the nearby Berkshires Green Grocer, a local and organic marketplace providing health-conscious shoppers with groceries, health and beauty products, cleaning supplies and more.

Historical Baird & Benton Block

The Bookless Building, part of the historic Baird and Benton Block in downtown Lee, Massachusetts is a 154-year-old building which sat dormant for the past 60 years. Prior to being dormant, the building had housed a bowling alley, shooting range (yes, guns), and multiple other uses.

In June of 2011, major renovations were completed and the building was restored back to it's original stature. The Starving Artist Creperie and Cafe is very happy to have such a beautiful space and has incorporated a part of the buildings original woodwork into it's refinished countertop and crepe making station.

Musical Brunch photo

Every Sunday - Musical Brunch

Join us every Sunday for live bluegrass, jazz, funk, classical, and other types of music from talented local performers. We serve breakfast all day! View the artwork from the adjoined Good Purpose Gallery. Check out our music and events calendar

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Mon, Wed, Thurs
7:30AM - 3:30PM

Friday & Saturday
7:30AM - 5:00PM

Sunday (with Musical Brunch)
7:30AM - 2:00PM

* On occasion we extend our hours. If you are interested, please call us.

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